SOCRATES olive oil

– Socrates oil is a family business, which was created 6 years ago, in Itea Fokidos, out of love for both the quality olive oil and our place. We produce Premium and extra virgin olive oil, as well as Amfissi olives. We are fortunate to live in a blessed and at the same time world famous place. Itea Fokidos, which belongs to the municipality of Delphi, is built in the traditional olive grove of Amfissa, the largest continuous olive grove in the Balkans, with an area of ​​about 68,000 acres and 1,200,000 olive trees, which is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Its age-old trees, which often reach 8 meters in height and are over 500 years old, are in the vast majority of the Amfissi variety, which, as is well known, is an edible variety. Of course, this does not mean that it does not give us quality olive oil when cultivated properly. On the contrary, as it turned out, this variety gives us a particularly aromatic and fruity olive oil. As I usually say, 6 years ago I did not know where the olive trees were. I was completely unrelated to growing olives. So when I came, an erotic immigrant to Itea, my wife’s place of origin, I was confronted with a natural wealth which leaving most of it to the fate of God and nature without systematic and proper cultivation. So when my wife’s parents stopped, due to age, to deal with olives, we decided to deal with and highlight this diamond that nature has really given us. All the olive trees we grow are privately owned,. they are organic and as I told you they are all of the Amfissi variety. So collecting the fruit in early November, when it is still green, and through the process of cold pressing (25 C) and fermentation time of 40 min. we manage not to “burn” the oil and not to lose its valuable polyphenols, which are the demand for a quality and healthy olive oil. The long distance between the trees (max 18 trees per acre), the combination of the mountains of Giona and Parnassos on the one hand and the sea of ​​the Corinthian gulf on the other create a unique microclimate which gives us a not so heavy winter , but also a mild, in terms of temperature summer. The ideal conditions for the olive tree to thrive.

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