EVIA ISLAND is a Social Cooperative Enterprise of Welfare – a body of Social Solidarity Economy created by natural and legal members who live, operate and create in Evia. EVIA ISLAND’s aims are actions related to culture, tourism, agriculture production, sustainable open and innovative development. Its general objectives specialize in the development of cultural, religious, thematic tourism, the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage and identity, the dissemination and promotion of local produce, the protection and promotion of the natural environment. It specializes in the development of alternative and thematic tourism, including cultural, religious, sports, maritime, mountaineering, conference tourism, wine tourism and leisure and wellness tourism, creating thematic, cultural routes and tours. There are actions for the elderly, children, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. It organizes events, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, training seminars, cultural and sports events based on unique experiences combining culture and art as well as local customs and history with innovative ideas.

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