The biological farm “Farma Sarlis” is located in a valley formed by two rivers Manikiatis and the river of Kolethra, surrounded by a forest of centuries-old plane trees and a flora of rare plants and herbs. Running waters are abundant and with the presence of a unique fauna of wild animals, makes it a unique landscape. The idea to create such a farm from our family, started from the rebirth of the traditional ways of cultivating and breeding the native plants and animals, their treatment and their conservation with true biological means, so that any visitor may taste and buy pure products without any bad substances coming from the intervention of the chemical industry. Our kitchen offers melas of the traditional Mediterranean cosine, and all products used are from our farm and certified biological from the company BIO HELLAS and the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development. Our outdoor spaces are formed to satisfy the needs of young and old, in order of them to have a pleasant visit, with stone bridges, tree houses, walking roads, and resting areas, that lead to all the visiting buildings of our farm (winery, dryers, packaging department, stables, chicken houses, green house, wine trees, olive trees, etc…)

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